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What measures are applied for the COVID period?

Our apartments remain open and we would be happy to have you. NO Sanitary Pass is required for private apartments.

Since March 2020, we have been applying several specific measures to deal with the COVID situation:

  • All bookings made DURING a lockdown or restriction period can be postponed FOR FREE to a later date WITHOUT any additional fee, for 18 months. The total amount paid or down payments are kept and deducted for the next stay.
  • ALL bed linen, towels, bathrobes are cleaned by an industrial laundry service in order to guarantee an efficient protocol against the virus.
  • Our cleaning staff is wearing a mask at all times, wash their hands very regularly and wear specific clothes for their own protection and the protection of the apartments.
  • AFTER each stay, as a first step, we disinfect all surfaces, fabrics, carpets, floors, curtains and the air with specific air sprays in compliance with the EN 14476 norm against bacteria and viruses. All the apartment is ventilated for several minutes during the cleaning.
  • AFTER each stay, we clean, disinfect, rinse and wipe the whirlpool bath.
  • When the cleaning and preparation are done, we do not touch anything and leave the apartment.
  • We offer SELF check-in without any staff for both apartments.
  • Specific COVID cancellation process (see below)

  • How many Urban Spa apartments are for rent?

    Urban Spa currently has 3 accommodations. 2 of them are located in the heart of Troyes city centre: the Cosy Zen apartment can be rented since late 2016 and the Romantique Chic apartment since April 2019. The last one, the Évasion Nature has been available since February 2022 and is located at a 15 minutes walking distance (or 5 minutes by car) from Troyes city centre. It is also located at a quick 7-minute drive from the “Mc Arthur Glen” outlet stores.

    Where are they located?

    The Cosy Zen and the Romantique Chic are located in Troyes city centre, very close from shops, bars and restaurants. They are very pleasant for activities and visits! The Évasion Nature is located at a 15 minutes walking distance from Troyes city centre and a 7-minute drive from the “Mc Arthur Glen” outlet stores. There are stores in the neighbourhood (3-minute walk), a market with local farmers and restaurants nearby.

    Is there a dedicated parking space near the apartments?

    Unfortunately, the first 2 apartments located in Troyes city centre (the Cosy Zen and the Romantique Chic) do not come with a dedicated parking space. Indeed, they are located in the very centre of Troyes and one of them (the Romantique Chic) is located in a pedestrian area. However, in our list of additional booking options, you can select a discount exit parking ticket in a public secure underground parking, located just outside the Cosy Zen apartment and 400m from the Romantique Chic apartment. The Évasion Nature apartment comes with a private parking space.

    Is the wellness room located in a private area?

    Our 3 apartments offer all the comfort you need. They are 4-star accommodations with the “meublé de tourisme” label. They feature a private wellness room where you will find a whirlpool bath for 2 people and an infrared sauna for 2 people. In order to keep a calm and peaceful environment for the neighbourhood, the use of the bath jet sprays is restricted with time hours. It is possible to relax in a warm bath at any time but the bath jet sprays cannot be used in the evening/at night.

    Does the apartment feature a whirlpool bath or a jacuzzi?

    "Jacuzzi" is a brand. The term usually refers to a bubble bath with massaging air and water jet sprays. It is meant to be used outside. The jacuzzi is never emptied and the water remains inside the bath where it is filtered and treated with dedicated products.

    As hygiene is absolutely essential, Urban Spa installed in its premises big whirlpool baths. They can be used by two people (the bath in the Romantique Chic and the Évasion Nature apartment are a bit bigger) and they feature air and water jet sprays. They are also equipped with other features like: radio, chromotherapy, water heater with temperature control.

    After each rental, our whirlpool baths are fully cleaned with natural sanitising products, then they are rinsed and dried. In accordance with the supplier recommendations, we fully clean the jet sprays very regularly and the automatic cleaning system is used to clean the tubes with a special product. In order to keep a calm and peaceful environment for the neighbourhood, the use of the bath jet sprays is restricted with time hours. It is possible to relax in a warm bath at any time but the bath jet sprays cannot be used in the evening/at night.

    What kind of equipment is provided with the apartment?

    The accommodations are provided with bed and bathroom linen, bathrobes, slippers. We also offer half a bottle of local Champagne, biscuits or candies for stays above >€190. Coffee capsules (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) are also available.

    Is it allowed to smoke in the apartment?

    NO. To prevent any fire hazard and to keep the mural paintings and curtains in good conditions, it is forbidden to smoke in the apartments, even if you’re standing in front of a window. In case of violation of this policy, Urban Spa could charge cleaning fees up to €200, if the next guests complain about smoke.

    For this reason, please exit the apartments to smoke.

    Are the apartments accessible to people with reduced mobility?

    NO. Unfortunately, the facilities and equipment of our apartments could not be accessible to some people with reduced mobility.

    The Cosy Zen apartment is located on 3rd floor with no elevator. The Romantic Chic apartment is located on the ground floor. The Évasion Nature is located at the 1st floor with an elevator.

    What are the check-in and check-out times?

    For the Cosy Zen apartment: - It is possible to arrive at 5pm (or later) – You can stay up to 11.30am the next day – OPTION AVAILABLE : Early check-in at 3.30 and Late check-out at 2pm.

    For the Romantique Chic apartment: - It is possible to arrive at 5.30pm (or later) – You can stay up to 12pm the next day – OPTION AVAILABLE : Early check-in at 4pm and Late check-out at 2.30pm.

    For the Évasion Nature apartment: – It is possible to arrive at 4.30pm (or later) – You can stay up to 11pm the next day – OPTION AVAILABLE : Early check-in at 3pm and Late check-out at 1.30pm.

    As the apartments are provided with all necessary equipment for your comfort and as hygiene is key especially in the wellness room (emptying and cleaning of the bath), we need between 2 or 3h to clean and prepare the apartments for the next guests. This is why we cannot offer wider hours without options for our organisation.

    What are the different options I can choose from?

    In order to customize your stay, you can choose different options to make your stay even more pleasant.

    - Breakfast delivery between 8.30am and 10am every morning, except on Sunday morning. Indeed, a local supplier is in charge of the breakfast preparation and delivery and the supplier is closed on Sundays. The option will be CHARGED DIRECTLY by our partner at the time of delivery.

    - Rose petal decorations (real petals, treated and stabilized for a longer lifespan) and candles (realistic LED candles for safety reasons).

    - Early check-in and Late check-out = 1h30 earlier than the normal check-in time and 2h30 after the normal check-out time.

    - Special ROMANTIC formula (rose petal decoration and candles)

    - Massage for two by our partner, the LM BEAUTE beauty salon, located on the ground floor of the Cosy Zen apartment.

    - Big bottle of Champagne

    - Special RELAX formula (Herbal tea for relaxation, special bath essential oil, essential oil capsule for your shower available in the Romantique Chic apartment)

    What is included in the optional breakfast?

    The breakfast is homemade by our LOCAL supplier. The breakfast trays are delivered by our partner at the time of your choosing between 8.30 and 10 am, except on Sundays. It consists of 2 trays, each with:: - 1 ham slice with butter and bread - Selection of homemade French pastries (croissants/pains au chocolat) - Homemade French toasts or crepes - Plain yogurt - Homemade jam - Freshly squeezed orange juice - Fresh fruit salad

    If you have allergies or any preference, please let us know so we can contact our supplier in order to find an alternative.

    Do I have to clean the apartment before leaving?

    Absolutely not! Your stay at Urban Spa is not meant for you to clean. However, in order to prevent abuses, we indicate in our terms that the apartment should be left as clean as possible. It should be clean with no dirty dishes or trash everywhere. But don’t worry, this rule is mostly meant to prevent excessive abuses because we systematically clean the apartments after every stay, so you do not have to clean the apartment. It is time for you to relax!

    What are the different steps for the check-in, the handover of keys and the check-out?

    When booking your stay, you will receive emails with all the information you need (address, check-in and check-out times...) You will receive an other email with instructions to come in the apartment the same day of your arrival.

    We have installed smart locks so you can access the premises on your own in case of late check-in or if you arrive later than expected.

    At the end of your stay, please check that all facilities are turned off and lock the main door.You will just have to leave the keys in the smart locks inside the building.

    Why do you need a deposit?

    You might be asked for a deposit for car rentals or some hotel bookings - the same rule applies at Urban Spa. When booking your stay, you will be asked for a credit card imprint.

    No money is cashed, but the funds are blocked, just like hotels or gas stations.

    Taking into account the value and quality of the facilities of the apartments, we have to ask for a deposit in case of abuse or deterioration.

    If we find that the apartment was deteriorated, the credit card will not be charged. First, we will contact you in order to find an amicable solution. The credit card will be charged if no amicable solution could be found. Until now, we did not have to cash any deposit. You will not be charged if you break a glass or in case of minor deteriorations. However, we can claim compensation in case of mural painting deterioration, damage, missing object (rose, bed linen, etc…)


    What are the different steps of the inventory?

    Urban Spa rents 4-star apartments equipped with expensive facilities. Just like any other rentals, in order to maintain the quality of the apartments, we require an inventory at the check-in and the check-out.

    The inventory is pre-filled at the check-in. EVERYTHING is mentioned on your lease contract. After the check-in, if you observe any discrepancy with the inventory, you will have two hours to let us know. Please do so via email or text, so we can keep record of your observations.

    After your stay, we will clean the premises and will check if the apartment was deteriorated. We also have to check the phone bill and if the VOD service was used. This process can take some time, this is why you will not get back your deposit immediately. The check-in inventory will be used as a reference.

    In case of deterioration, damage or theft, you will let us know. Only dishonest people might try to hide the problem from us, but we always end up finding out. We contact you in order to know what happened and find a solution. Many hotels will ask for a credit card imprint without asking for any inventory, but it is their right to charge you in case of deterioration. The same system applies at Urban Spa, but we remain flexible.

    What if I have a question or a problem during my stay? Who can I ask for help?

    The apartments are private but do not worry, our staff is always available. Nicolas, the owner can help you at any time if needed. In case of emergency or incident, we provide you with a sheet mentioning the number you should call.

    Can I cancel my booking at any time?

    YES, you can cancel your booking. Please refer to our cancellation terms. The conditions depend on the cancellation time.

    For the STANDARD formulas:

    - If you cancel your booking at least 30 days before your stay, you get a FULL refund.

    - If you cancel your booking at least 15 days before your stay, only the down payment will be charged (40% or 50% depending on the formula).

    - You cannot cancel your stay within 15 days before your stay. Indeed, it is not likely that someone else will book the apartment on the same date after your cancellation.

    Remember that the products and services booked with Urban Spa are not subject to the withdrawal provisions. Their refund is not mandatory in accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code about accommodation, catering and leisure services. In case of NO SHOW or last-minute cancellation, we will ask for the full payment of the stay in accordance with the law.

    At the moment of your booking you can choose the FLEXIBLE formula with shorter cancellation terms. With this formula:

    - You can cancel your booking without any fee for any cancellation happening at least 16 days before the stay.

    - If you cancel your booking within 7 to 2 days before your stay, only the 25% down payment will be charged.

    - You will not be able to cancel your booking within 2 days before your stay.

    In any case, you can contact us for any question and we will try our best to be flexible. We might find a solution to postpone your stay or accept alternative guests you might suggest.

    Is there any discount or special offers at Urban Spa?

    YES. All year long, you can get special offers at the moment of your booking. A discount is automatically applied:

    - For last-minute bookings (3 days before your stay)

    - For 2 consecutive nights or more in the same apartment

    - With the social media option: get an EXTRA welcome gift to discover local products if you share Urban Spa on your Facebook and Instagram.

    Urban Spa might also suggest discounts for special events. Stay tuned for any updates and follow us on social media!

    Do you accept underage guests? Do you accept a third person? Can I come with my pet?

    The apartments are equipped for 2 people only. This is why we can accept: 2 adults; or 1 underage person with his/her legal representative; or 1 underage person and 1 other adult with a written parent consent and copy of an official identity document. In accordance with the Aube Departmental Tourism Committee, we can accept toddlers up to 3 years, for an additional €30 fee. A folding crib and high chair can be provided on request. No other person will be accepted. Pets are not allowed in the apartments.

    Is the payment secured on your website?

    YES, absolutely. Our URBAN-SPA.FR website presents our products and services, as well as all the information you need. We do not collect data on our website URBAN-SPA.FR, so there is no risk of hacking or phishing. For bookings from our website, we are using an IFRAME – or a booking module - which belongs to “BEDS24”, a specialised management solution for rentals.

    All information entered on this booking module will be saved on BEDS24. We are therefore using BEDS24 as a booking system. On BEDS24, you will fill in a booking form according to the GDPR regulations with your contact information. You will be redirected to the « 3D Secure » system page, a secured credit card payment page powered by STRIPE.

    BEDS24 is company specialised in management solution for rentals since 2005 and is located in Berlin. They have thousands of clients in more than 150 countries and with channel managers connections to 60+ OTAs. STRIPE is a major leader in online payment services - similar to PayPal - and they offer their services around the world.

    Do you have other questions?

    Do not hesitate to contact us via email:

    Or call us at: +33